Friday, October 12, 2012

Lemon Tea Mix: It's Tea Time!

Lemon Tea Mix

Hi everybody :)

Time To Put The Kettle On...It's Tea Time!  

I been waiting to share this simple recipe with you all for awhile ... now is the perfect time. With the Fall weather finally arriving, it's time to heat up with a spot of tea :) jokey joke..   get it?... oh well...moving on.

This recipe takes only minutes to prepare, you just toss the ingredients together, blend, and store. Since I was done with it so fast, I did a little crafting project I would like to share also. Let's get it started...
Lemon Tea Mix adapted Gifts That Taste Good 

1/2 cup instant tea
1/2 cup sweetened lemonade drink mix
1/4 cup brown sugar, firmly packed
1/4 cup finely crushed lemon drop candies

Place all ingredients in a blender or food processor fitted with a steel blade. 

 Process briefly until ingredients are completely blended. Store in airtight container.


Yield: about 1 1/2 cups of mix


To serve: Add 1 cup boiling water to 1 heaping tablespoon tea mix. Stir until mix dissolves completely.

What I Did and/or Think:

Keeping true to that southern tradition, I love drinking tea; cold icy teas in the Spring/Summer and hot teas Fall/ Winter.  I LOVE this recipe so much that I doubled the recipe.

For Apple Cider Tea Mix - use hot apple cider instead of water

For Peppermint Tea Mix -  add crushed peppermint candy in the place of lemon drops to your tea. I used both :)

In case Fall haven't fully arrived were you are, you might want to serve it over ice for a cool refreshing taste.
My Little Project: Tea Container 

Cleaned Plastic Jar with Lid (I used a peanut butter jar)
Glue Gun/ Glue Sticks
Silk Flower; optional (I used a Sunflower)
Adhesive Decorative Paper
Permanent maker (Sharpie fine point)
Letter Template 

Write the words lemon tea mix on your paper using the template with a pencil. Trace over them with a maker. 

Peel adhesive off the back and stick to the jar, press to seal.

Turn the flower over, cut the stem part off. 

Glue the petals to the lid of the jar in layers until all are glued. Glue in the middle section. 


I know this little project not much to share, but there will be some more coming soon, so stay tune in :)

ENJOY! Come again...

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