Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My First Post, Red Velvet Cake!

Red Velvet Cake: My First Post!!!!

Red Velvet Cake

Hi everyone :)

First, I like to thanks for being patient with me. I still trying to get the hang of how to blog....

For my first post, I would like to share my husband's favorite cake, Red Velvet.  I made it on our anniversary (also his birthday), April 11th.  I think he arranged it like that so he won't forget. Ha ha.  ;)

The cake layers come from Better Homes and Gardens. I wanted to make a bigger and taller cake, so  I doubled the cake layers and baked it in 4 round 10" cake pans for about 30 minutes. I used this cream cheese frosting recipe from I prepared the layers about 2 weeks ahead and froze them.

I was very please with the result; so was hubby. He's still waiting on a repeat performance.  :)  I love nuts on red velvet cake, but left them off because he doesn't. Do any of you all love nuts on your cakes, or what is your favorite cake? I would love to hear from you. I'm a Carrot Cake nut!
Red Velvet Cake



  1. Congrats Cindy, Happy Birthday to your husband. I wish you good luck with your blog, the cake looks amazing :). I liked your facebook page because I really like the idea of your blog. If you like my blog too, I'd very much appreciate if you clicked the like button
    Kisses and I'm looking forward for new recipes :).

  2. Mmmm...can't go wrong with red velvet cake! Looks delicious! :)